Poultry Farm

At Kusile Free Range Poultry Farm we maintain a healthy flock of breed of chickens. Our facility is a free-range style.

We have the Australop Boschvelder, Potch Koekoek (Timphangele), and some Rhode Island Red type of chickens as part of our breeding stock.

In addition to chickens, Pekin Ducks, Turkey, Guinea Fowl, Peacocks, Geese form part of our breeding and hatching stock. Our main business is the sale of chicks, but, and in line with our motto, we also grow on behalf of our clients to their preferred ages.

We pride ourselves of the supply of healthy, quality vaccinated chicks and chicken. As part of our ensuring quality, we source from quality stock breeders, and maintain a flock on a strict, bio-secure environment.

Due to bio-security reasons, and mainly disease control and hygiene, our farms and facilities do not allow for access at our breeder farms.

Chickens & Prices

Pekin Ducks

Malay Chickens