Kusile Chicken Hatchery

Kusile Hatchery & Poultry Farm is a licensed Egg Hatchery business that is set-up to handle, in incubation, eggs from our breeder chickens. We have the capacity to manage chicken, duck, turkey, guinea fowl, geese and ostrich eggs.

We insist on quality breeds and management practices to ensure a healthy flock, for a healthy chick, always!! We continuie to look for ways to the adoption of best practices on our breeder farm to ensure a quality flock, and quality, fresh supply of fertile eggs.

We have a colourful and diverse mix of breeds and poultry types on the Farm:

  1. Chickens (Black Australop, Boschvelder, Rhode Island Red, Koek Koek, Malay & Indian Game)
  2. Pekin Ducks
  3. Geese
  4. Guinea Fowl
  5. Peacocks
  6. Turkey

Our Services: 1-Day Old Chicks