About Us

Kusile Farms operates an integrated farming business. We have interests in crop and vegetables farming, egg hatchery & poultry faming, and a small-scale piggery project.

We aim to supply quality, and vaccinated chicks and chicken to grower farmers in Swaziland. Our products are sourced from quality breeders within and outside Swaziland to ensure quality bloodlines and healthy offspring.

We have set-up a free-range environment for our breeding and grower stock.

Kusile Hatchery & Poultry Farm

Kusile Hatchery & Poultry Farm is a licensed chicken, poultry egg hatchery, cum poultry farm, that is in an ideal farm facility ka-Ncesi, Eluvinjelweni, that is about 3 kilometres from the Maguga Dam, on your way to Piggs Peak, eSwatini, formerly, Swaziland.

Our facility is a standard small-scale egg hatchery cum poultry farm. We supply both small and large-scale requirements for 1-day old chickens. Our breeding stock is largely Boschvelder. We do however raise and hatch Australop, Potchefstroom Koek-Koeks, Rhode Island Red.

Egg Hatching Services

We are also involved in hatching eggs for other poultry farmers. We are open to accept from farmers fertilized eggs to hatch them on their behalf.

Kusile Farms is well positioned to become one of the leading indigenous chicken and poultry egg hatchery business Swaziland, which is why we have been able to source for the best hands and machines to run the business. We have put processes and strategies in place that will help us employ best practices when it comes to hatching chicken eggs artificially as required by the regulating bodies in Swaziland.

At Kusile Hatchery & Poultry Farm, our customer’s best interest will always come first, and everything we do will be guided by our values and professional ethics. We will ensure that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by meeting our client’s needs precisely and completely.

Piggery Project

At Kusile Farms we have embarked on a small-holding piggery project. The aim is to test the breeds, our management abilities, their tolerance to our environment including their productivity.

We are working towards leveraging on the livestock industry to generate income, hence we have started on a pig farming business. Our aim is to learn as much as is possible, and scale-up around the practice and management of pigs, facilities and the marketing of what we produce.

Our Services Offerings

Kusile Hatchery & Poultry Farm is a standard commercial chicken and poultry egg hatchery that is committed to follow the rules and regulations governing the industry that we belong to. We are in the small-scale chicken egg hatchery line of business to make profits and we are going to do all we can to achieve our business goals, aims and objectives.

Our Vision Statement

Our mission is to sell our quality produce, byproducts and processed meat in commercial quantities both locally, nationally and internationally, within an integrated farming business model that can favourably compete with other leading poultry & livestock farming brands in Swaziland.